PP Polypropylene Honeycomb

Description: PP polypropylene honeycomb core exhibits a unique cell structure. The core has 3 orientations vs. the 2 orientations common with other honeycomb, making its properties more uniform. Each cell has a tubular form and is inherently stable.

PP polypropylene honeycomb is supplied with or without a non-woven polyester veil for better bonding. It is also supplied with or without a film barrier under the polyester veil to limit the amount of resin consumption.

Features: • High strength-to-weight ratio
• Corrosion, fungi, rot, chemical and moisture resistant
• Sound and vibration dampening
• Energy absorbing
• Thermoformable
• Temperature use to 180°F
• Recyclable
Applications: PP polypropylene honeycomb uses include sandwich panel cores, energy absorption and filtration media.
PP polypropylene honeycomb is available in the following standard dimensions.

Thickness: .25″ – 24.0″
Densities: 2.5 pcf – 12.0 pcf
Sheet Length: up to 50′
Sheet Width: 72″ max
Tolerances: Length: ±.125″
Width: ±.125″
Thickness: ±.02″
Density: ±10%
Data Sheet:
(includes mechanical properties) 

PLA PP Honeycomb Datasheet (169.6 KiB)

polypropylene honeycomb core-1