What do you like about your job?

At Plascore, I like the people, the pay, and the benefits.
1st Shift    Joined in 2013
Plascore provides great vacation hours for their employees. I also like how Plascore doesn’t require employees to work at a timed fast pace.
2nd Shift    Joined in 2019
Plascore has a variety of jobs and opportunies for growth and advancement.
Production Supervisor
2nd Shift    Joined in 2018
I like the treatment Plascore gives their employees and the environment at work makes me feel welcomed.
Ever Nahun
Plastics Utility
1st Shift    Joined in 2021
Plascore has a good vacation package, clean working conditions, and different job opportunites.
3rd Shift    Joined in 2000
Plascore gave me the opportunity to work with my family; something I could never imagine. It feels really nice when you work with your family in what your passionate about. Plascore opens new doors for me as I continue to learn how The Global Aerospace industry works.
Production Scheduling Assistant
1st Shift    Joined in 2020
Plascore has a clean and friendly work environment with an open door policy to talk with supervisors or managers to help resolve, understand, and explain issues.
Production Scheduler
1st Shift    Joined in 2016
Plascore is a great place to work.
Auto Sheeter
2nd Shift    Joined in 1994
I like Plascore because of the opportunity to be rewarded for having perfect attendance monthly and the vacation policy.
CNC Mill Operator
Weekend Shift    Joined in 2018

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