Modular Cleanroom Systems

Plascore, Inc. is a global leader of modular cleanroom systems for both the pharmaceutical/life sciences and semi-conductor/nanotechnology industries. Pharma is designed specifically for pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications, and features progressive and non-progressive walls and ceilings with anti-microbial surfaces, coves and chemically-welded flush seams. Semiconductor cleanroom systems are designed for semi conductor and clean fabrication. Both systems are available with framed, studless and liner wall options, and are custom manufactured to customer’s print and includes doors, windows, pass-thrus, air curtains and utility chases. ‘Plug and play’ delivery system virtually eliminates job-site alterations, while offering unmatched flexibility.

Reduced Cleanroom Construction Costs, Installation Time
Plascore cleanroom wall systems modular design gives you greater return on your investment by reducing onsite construction cost and installation time. Unlike traditional stick-built approaches, the Plascore cleanroom wall system arrives at the job site cut to height with all the components clean, packaged, and ready for fast installation. Its module design minimizes the need for on-site modifications; minimize job site dust and cross contamination.

Single Source System
Plascore offers a complete line of innovative walls systems, doors, windows and hardware designed to fit your cleanroom needs. Our trained staff of experienced professionals has completed hundreds of modular cleanroom projects, giving them the knowledge and experience required to deliver your project on time and on budget. This expertise, together with our single-source solutions, streamlines your supply chain and eliminates the hassle of purchasing multiple components from multiple sources . . . making Plascore your preferred choice for your cleanroom requirements.

Modular Cleanroom Installation Support
Plascore design engineers and sales service staff work closely with architects, engineers and contractors to ensure Plascore cleanrooms are installed to your complete satisfaction. Our expertise in cleanroom design and manufacturing, together with our commitment to customer support, is critical to successful installation throughout the world.

Design Engineering
Our expertise includes thorough analysis of service, cleaning and maintenance of your modular cleanroom equipment. We understand the day-to-day operations and maintenance of your cleanroom and will help insure the most productive environment.