TP Thermoplastic Panel

Description: Plascore TP Panels are made from a Plascore Polypropylene (PP) Honeycomb core with Oriented or Random Chopped Glass reinforced polypropylene facing both sides.

PP Honeycomb density/cell size and facing thicknesses can be modified for specific performance needs. Various surface treatments can be applied for color, adhesive bonding and printing.

These Lightweight, Durable, Tough and Structural sandwich panels offer superior strength to weight ratios.

Features: • Moisture and Chemical Resistance
• UV Resistance
• Vibration and Acoustical Dampening
• Thermoformable
• Recyclable
• Economical
Applications: Ideal for doors, floors, walls, tables, platforms, packaging, pallets, dividers, and more.

Lightweight and structural replacement for plywood, thermoplastic twin wall, and foam cored panels.

Thickness: 3/8″ – 5″   ± .03″
Length: up to 144″   ± 1/8″
Width: up to 72″   ± 1/8″
Finish: Commercial (Bondable, Printable, Non Porous
versions available)
NOTE: Other sizes and configurations are available upon request.
Data Sheet:
(includes mechanical properties)

PLA TP-ThermoplasticPanel-DataSheet 3-16-2022 (41.0 KiB)

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