Cleanroom Door & Window Styles

Plascore offers a complete line of cleanroom doors and windows designed to integrate into Plascore wall systems, as well as those systems of other manufactures. With a wide range of hardware and glazing options available, Plascore has a cleanroom door or window that will fit your every need.

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Wide Stile Doors
Plascore wide style cleanroom doors are traditional storefront doors integrated into the wall systems. Choose single door, double door, or double door with transom. Plascore can also install almost any .25” glazing as required with half glazed, full glazed or unglazed options. A full line of hardware options are also available to meet any security requirement.
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Narrow Stile Doors
The Plascore narrow style cleanroom door is an innovation in the cleanroom industry that is redefining how cleanroom doors are viewed. With one custom extrusion, Plascore is able to make up both the door leaf and door jamb. This innovative design provides great flexibility as well as the most cost effective door of its kind. Narrow style doors feature a double seal, internal or external door closers, three way adjustable hinges and a powder coat finish for maximum durability. These doors are available in single, double or double with transom options. The narrow style door can also support almost any .25” glazing requirement with half glazed, full glazed or unglazed options. The clean lines and ability to fully integrate into the wall systems make this door the perfect choice for many applications.
Data Sheets: Drawings | Installation | Hardware Listing

Cleanroom Windows
Plascore has developed several cleanroom window options allowing customers to select the precise window to fit their requirements. By utilizing horizontal posts and glazing clips, windows can be created in the F5075 framed or F2550 framed systems which are either single or double-sided. Additionally, single-sided windows can also be created in the S5050 Strut by simply adding horizontal posts. Another popular option is to use the SL2550 Studless window, which is a three-part batten system creating a single sided window, which allows for the window to be cut into a 1.88” panel. The studless window also has application in other non-Plascore wall systems. All of Plascore window options allow for easy cleaning.

Custom Cleanroom Access Panels/Door
Plascore can design and prefabricate a cleanroom access panel/door to fit your specific application. Options include hinged doors, removable panels constructed from standard cleanroom wall panels and frames, heavy gauge metal panels with matching finishes. Other options include locking, non-locking, interference fit, magnetic latch, and virtually any type of device required. Removable panel/doors allow for access to equipment and similar items for maintenance for inspection.

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