PAHD-XR1 5052 Aluminum Honeycomb

Description: PAHD-XR1 5052 corrugated aerospace grade aluminum honeycomb is a high density core material which offers superior strength over expanded aluminum honeycomb. PAHD-XR1 5052 honeycomb is made from 5052 aluminum alloy foil and can be tested in accordance with customer requirements.
Features: • Elevated use temperatures
• High thermal conductivity
• Flame resistant
• Excellent moisture and corrosion resistance
• Fungi resistant
• High strength
• Machinable
• Roll formable
Applications: PAHD-XR1 5052 honeycomb uses include engine nacelles, roll formed applications, energy absorption, anchor points, reinforcements, and other applications where light weight high strength materials are required. PAHD-XR1 5052 honeycomb is suitable for applications where materials with high compression and shear values are required.
PAHD-XR1 5052 honeycomb is available in three forms: untrimmed sheets, cut to size sheets, and machined components. Density is dependant on cell size and configuration.

Cell Sizes: 1/8″ – 3/16″
Densities: 14.5 pcf – 55.0 pcf
Sheet “Ribbon” (L): 36″ typical – 96″ max
Sheet “Transverse” (W): 30″ typical
Tolerances: Length: +6″, -0″
Width: +6″, -0″
Thickness: ± .010″ (under 4″ thick)
NOTE: Special dimensions, sizes, tolerances, and CNC machining can be provided upon request.
Data Sheet:
(includes mechanical properties) 

PLA PAHD-XR1 5052 10-26-2021 (220.5 KiB)

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