Closed Molding, Lite RTM and Vacuum Infusion

The growing demand for lighter structures, together with environmental concerns, is propelling a migration to Lite RTM and Vacuum Infusion Processes as a more advantageous composite manufacturing methods. These closed molding processes eliminate VOC emissions, while reducing employee turnover and material costs, increasing cycle times and production output, and producing higher quality, better finished parts with closer tolerances.

Infusion Grade PP Honeycomb is designed specifically for optimum performance in Lite RTM and Infusion Processes. Playing a significant in role in composite products for the marine, wind energy and transportation markets, Infusion Grade PP Honeycomb is a preferred core in incredibly strong and stiff sandwich structures made with resin and reinforcing fibers. Lightweight, low in density and very cost-effective, Infusion Grade PP Honeycomb gives composite manufacturers the ability to deliver cost-effective sandwich structures to customers where high stiffness and low weight are design priorities.

With the same shear and compression properties of Plascore PP Honeycomb, Infusion Grade PP Honeycomb offers the performance benefits of toughness, lightweight, acoustical and vibration dampening.

Faced for Maximum Adhesion, Minimal Resin Use

Utilizing a composite surfacing material, the open cell structure in Infusion Grade PP Honeycomb is sealed, thereby allowing the flow of resin during processing to remain at the bond line with minimal penetration into the honeycomb core. The veil provides a continuous substrate for 100% adhesion to the panel skin material. The core does not incorporate any flow paths, so a careful selection of glass reinforcements that have a resin flow path capability is required. To help facilitate a uniform flow of resin through the sandwich structure, additional pass through holes are added to the honeycomb that pierce the surfacing material at one cell and allow resin flow from top to bottom of the sandwich. Spacing of these holes is typically 4″ on center.

Infusion Grade PP Honeycomb features a composite surfacing material that is compatible with most laminating resins.

Process Recommendations:

Infusion Grades
Polyester, Vinylester, Epoxy
Viscosity: < 200cps
Gel Time: 45-60 minutes maximum or flow distance

Infusion Grades
Straight or Stiched Fabrics
Continuous Strand or Flow Mat

Up to 1.0 bar both for Resin Injection and Flow

Process up to 150° F

Flow Distance:
24″-36″ maximum with through core holes on 4″ centers. Equidistance from Resin Inlets to Vacuum Outlets. Additional flow holes can be added as required.

*Final material, tooling and process parameters are the responsibility of the user.

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infusion grade honeycomb infusion grade honeycomb infusion grade PP honeycomb