Plascore AltuCore™

High Strength, Cylindrical Energy Absorber

Plascore Aluminum Tubular Core AltuCore™ is a lightweight, high-strength core manufactured in an annular cylindrical shape which is well-suited for single-use energy absorption applications. AltuCore™ yields at a constant force providing reliable and consistent energy absorption for applications with in-axis loading conditions.

• Energy absorption in a cylindrical shape
• High crush strength-to-weight ratio
• Efficient constant force crush curve
• Wide range of strengths available
• Typical crush stroke is 60% of length
• Excellent moisture and corrosion resistance
• Elevated use temperatures

Aerospace — A lightweight single-use energy absorber for attenuating impacts, controlling maximum loads, and over-travel protection.

Defense — Can serve as a crushable member to mitigate dynamic events.

Dynamic Testing — For high G load testing of components.

Industrial Safety — Provides efficient high-load drop or overload protection to prevent equipment failure.

Shipping Protection — Precise crush strength and high service temperatures facilitate use in many environments with minimal impact on the shipping weight.

Transportation — Attenuates impact in applications where lightweight, high-performance energy absorption is critical for safety.

AltuCore™ is custom manufactured in a wide range of strengths and sizes. Available as load certified in precrushed form or in stock lengths.

A range of static crush strengths from 1000 – 8000psi can be manufactured.

• Dynamic crush strengths can be 10% – 40% higher depending on strength and impact velocity. AltuCore™ should be evaluated by dynamic test in the final configuration to verify dynamic performance.
• Crush strokes as high as 70% are available, decreasing to 55 for higher strength core.
• AltuCore™ will crush and fold upon itself uncontained to strengths of 2500psi. Higher strengths should be contained within a cylinder, crushed into a cap, or wound with a composite wrap for best performance.

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