Plascore CrushLite™

Lightweight, Constant Force Energy Absorber

Plascore CrushLite™ is a lightweight aluminum honeycomb core material which is certified to specific crush strengths for energy absorption applications. CrushLite™ yields at a constant force providing reliable and consistent energy absorption in almost any environment.

Available with or without precrush in a wide range of sheet sizes, cut to size, or machined to complex shapes, CrushLite™ can be used as-is, or easily integrated into many applications requiring uni-axial deformable energy absorption.

• Predictable energy absorption properties
• High crush strength-to-weight ratio
• Efficient constant force crush curve
• Wide range of strengths available
• Crush stroke in excess of 70%
• Excellent moisture and corrosion resistance
• Elevated use temperatures

Aerospace – Improves crashworthiness protection in seating, or acts as a single event shock absorber for impact protection without adding significant weight.

Calibration – Drives the deceleration pulse required to calibrate crash test dummies. Certified for consistent test results.

Defense – Serves as both a structural and a crushable member providing dual benefits for support and blast mitigation in areas such as doors, floors, seats, and storage areas for tactical vehicles.

Dynamic Testing – Configure sled test decelerators quickly by varying the cross section of the crushable impact area to change the G load of the shock pulse.

Industrial Safety – Provides reliable drop protection that doesn’t require service or maintenance. Limits loads to prevent equipment failure or injury.

Shipping Protection – Protects sensitive shipping contents such as nuclear materials or delicate equipment. Precise crush strength and high service temperatures facilitate use in many environments with minimal impact on the shipping weight.

Transportation – Attenuates impact in Automotive and Rail applications where lightweight, high-performance energy absorption is critical for safety.

CrushLite™ aluminum honeycomb is available in untrimmed sheets, cut to size, machined, or die cut. Precrushing, load certification, and other operations are available upon request.

aluminum crushlite core crushlite chart