Crash Test Barriers, Energy Absorbers

Energy Absorbers for Greater Safety

A leader in honeycomb engineering and manufacturing, Plascore is a global supplier of crash test barriers and energy absorbers. Plascore provides a full range of certified deformable barriers, crushable core, as well as custom honeycomb configurations for a wide array of energy absorption applications serving many industries.

Aluminum honeycomb core is an ideal energy absorber and provides a distinct advantage over other energy-absorbing materials in the market. It has a high crush strength-to-weight ratio, a linear force curve with a constant load, and it absorbs energy over a long stroke. Cells collapse and buckle on themselves, providing a predictable load that can be modified by the use of various alloys, foil thicknesses, cell sizes, and cell configurations.

Being a honeycomb manufacturer, Plascore offers distinctive advantages in our extensive material knowledge, a variety of honeycomb materials to choose from, available stock material, quick lead times, and lower costs. Plascore is ISO 9001 certified to provide you with consistent, high quality products.

Our engineers can help you specify a core type to fit your crush strength requirements, or can provide a custom product for your unique application. We will work with you to provide an innovative solution for your energy absorbing material needs.