Plascore to Expand Aerospace Business Unit in Zeeland, MI

9/20/2017 – Zeeland, MI – Plascore, Inc., a manufacturer of honeycomb cores for aerospace, marine, mass transportation and construction industries, is expanding in the City of Zeeland, investing $6 million and creating 10-15 jobs over the next two years. Plascore Inc. currently has four facilities in the Zeeland Industrial Park with over 300 full time employees.
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Plascore Receives Nadcap Certification

June 1, 2017
Plascore is pleased to announce that the company has received Nadcap Accreditation for its non-metallic and aramid honeycomb core manufacturing processes, including test laboratories.

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Plascore, Inc. Certifies to ISO 14001:2004 Standards

Company Receives Accreditation for Environmental Management System

ZEELAND – Plascore, Inc., a global manufacturer of honeycomb core products and solutions, announced today the company has been certified to ISO 14001:2004, an Environmental Management System (EMS) standard. Plascore’s EMS sets environmental objectives, procedures and goals in the design and manufacturing of the company’s honeycomb cores, panels and wall systems.
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Plascore, Inc. Certifies to ISO 9001:2008

Also achieves international aerospace quality standard AS/EN/JISQ 9100

ZEELAND – Plascore, Inc., a global manufacturer of honeycomb core products and solutions, announced today that the company has achieved certification to ISO 9001:2008 standards. The company’s manufacturing processes had been certified to the ISO 9001:2000; the new certification meets the ISO 9001:2008 standard updated on November 15, 2008.
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Spanning Education: Students Design Super Light Weight Bridges with Plascore Honeycomb

ZEELAND – Supporting education and sciences across the globe, Plascore, Inc is again helping students compete in the SAMPE Twelfth Annual Super Light Weight Composite Bridge Building Contest.

The objective of the contest is for teams from a university or college to design and build a single deck composite bridge using an assortment of cores, fabrics and other materials supplied in kit form.
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Plascore Solutions At The Core of Global Races

Company Supports Solar Car, Solo Yacht Racing Events

ZEELAND – Plascore, world leader in honeycomb cores and solutions, continues its support of global performance and technology events, including sponsorship of around-the-world yacht racers and solar car challenges, such as the five-time champion University of Michigan Solar Car Team.
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Plascore PP Honeycomb Infusion Grade Gains Market Preference in Light RTM

Cost-Effective, High Performance Core Yields Excellent Results in Closed Molding Applications

ZEELAND – Plascore, Inc, global manufacturer of honeycomb core products and solutions, has stepped up distribution of the companyís PP Honeycomb Infusion Grade to meet the growing demand in Lite RTM and Infusion molding.
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PP Honeycomb Receives Lloyds Register Certificate of Approval

ZEELAND – Plascore, Inc, global manufacturer of honeycomb core products and solutions, announced that the company’s PP Honeycomb has received a Lloyds Register Certificate of Approval of a Core Material.

Lloyd’s Register Approval provides verification of a product considered acceptable for use in constructions built under Lloyds’ Register’s survey and helps ensure an appropriate level of product performance. The approval is recognized and valued in marine, offshore and other composite sandwich applications.

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Radiant Cooling Panels May Soothe Office Workers

New devices being used, produced in Zeeland
By Greg Chandler
The Grand Rapids Press

ZEELAND – Imagine being able to cool down the temperature in your office or conference room, without the draft that comes from an air conditioning unit, and being able to lower your energy costs at the same time.
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