Semiconductor Cleanrooms

Plascore revolutionized the semiconductor cleanroom industry with the introduction of its Semiconductor cleanrooms with wall systems utilizing a mounting block with t-nut / t-bolt connection. This connector, together with a t-groove integrated into the post, created the most flexible wall system the industry had ever seen. After 25 years and thousands of cleanroom projects, the Plascore Semiconductor wall system remains the industry standard.

Semiconductor wall systems are the ideal solution to creating highly productive clean manufacturing spaces. Intelligent engineering and proprietary design are key attributes of the Plascore Semiconductor wall systems. You will find that the Plascore Semiconductor wall systems are the wall of choice for nearly all of the major Semiconductor manufacturers in the world. From sub Class 1 to Class 100,000, equipment enclosures or expansive manufacturing centers, Plascore offers a wall system that is ideal for your specific application.

Plascore semiconductor wall system features:

  • Non-progressive and demountable
  • Components can be used to create six distinctly different walls to suit the specific cleanroom installation requirements.
  • Panels consist of Plascore commercial grade aluminum honeycomb core sandwiched between two aluminum skins. Finishes can be either conductive or non conductive. These panels are exceptionally lightweight and stiff for both easy handling and long-term wear.
  • Pre-engineered headtracks, floortracks, post, corners, battens, doors, and door framed can be interchanged to create single, double or studless cleanroom wall systems.
  • No on-site miter cuts or notching is required to create custom connections.
  • The battens are assembled to the studless prior to cutting, allowing both to be simultaneously cut to the same length which ensures precise joints.
  • Battens and post have integrated t-grooves which run the entire length to allow connection of equipment, workstations, and similar items without the need to drill into the wall.
  • Framed wall systems accommodate .25”, .50” or 1.88” panels without requiring post alterations.
  • The unique design of the framing members and mounting blocks allow for horizontal posts to be installed anywhere along the vertical plan of the wall. Windows, air return grilles, tool openings and similar items can be easily installed at anytime with minimum disturbance to adjacent walls.


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