Walkable Cleanroom Ceilings

The Plascore Pharma ceiling system is a platform of adjoining 5′ x 10′ (1.5m x 3m) panels, suspended by turnbuckle/hanger assemblies bolted to the corners of four adjoining panels. Cutouts for light fixtures and filters can be placed anywhere, oriented in the L or W direction, without having to change the ceiling panel orientation. The cleanroom ceiling is capable of supporting a wide variety of mechanical systems, accommodating lighting, sprinklers, HEPA filters, utilities and small equipment. Interior wall panels are attached to the bottom surface of the ceiling panels. Since the bottom surface is flush, free from protrusions, wall/ceiling covings can be run at any location without concern about grid layouts.

  • No T-grid to support ceiling panels required
  • 5′ (1.5m) wide panel width allows both length and width orientation of light and filter housings
  • 20% reduction in the number of seams
  • Large hanger spacing provides generous space for ducting and maintenance access
  • Additional hangers in heavily loaded areas or areas with excessive equipment penetrations can be added in the field
  • Ceiling expansion in any direction is readily accommodated
  • Fully walkable by maintenance personnel; entire top surface is free of trip hazards
  • Pharma ceiling systems are offered in both progressive and nonprogressive panel configurations

Like Plascore Pharma wall panels, cleanroom ceiling panels consist of rolled-edge top and bottom steel or aluminum skins bonded to an aluminum honeycomb core for a total thickness of 2″ (51mm). An aluminum perimeter frame is bonded between the skins to provide additional support, as well as a mounting area for additional hangers. Progressive ceiling panel edges are tightly engaged to adjoining panels with a fixed metal spline, while nonprogressive ceiling panels utilize a rotary spline, which can be disengaged, allowing panel removal at a later time.

Openings for equipment (lights, filters, etc.) can be located anywhere within the ceiling layout. Cutouts can be cut in the factory, or field cut by the installer. Prefabricated, powder coated metal inserts are available to support HEPA filters and lighting fixtures in the prepared cutouts.