Cleanroom Doors

To Suit Your Needs

If you can see it, you can clean it: Plascore Pharma doors and windows feature easily cleaned hardware. Plascore Pharma offers two lines of single and double cleanroom door types designed specifically for pharmaceutical environments.

Aluminum Profile Cleanroom Doors

Crafted in custom aluminum extrusions with double perimeter seals and optional door bottom drop seal, this Plascore Pharma door design features a flush jamb and leaf assembly. Available with upper and optional lower flush glazing and finished with an epoxy powder coat for maximum durability and chemical resistance, this cleanroom door style is the most economical solution for less stringent classification areas. Installation into any of Plascore Pharma wall systems, with at least one side of the door frame and door leaf being flush with the adjoining wall surfaces, is readily accomplished utilizing one of Plascore’s proprietary fastening methods.

Stainless Steel / Powder Coated Metal Doors

Pharmaceutical cleanroom door frames and leafs are clad in stainless sheet metal for the most damage- and chemical-resistant performance. Door faces are laminated to a honeycomb core for structural stiffness, providing the most monolithic design without seams and ledges, flush with at least one surface of adjoining cleanroom walls. Cleanroom windows can be sized up to 50% of the door surface, flush with both leaf surfaces. This leaf design is well-suited to allow air passage around its perimeter. This style is also available with a powder coated aluminum skin.

Door Hardware

Plascore Pharma cleanroom doors can be delivered with most standard mortised or surface mounted hardware to meet customer requirements. Surface mounted hardware is preferred for easy access, adjustment and cleaning. Cleanroom door hardware can be provided to meet your specific needs and functions:
• Stainless steel push/pull bars
• Mortised door locksets and strikes, with door handles or magnetic interlock
• Surface mounted door closers
• Surface mounted electric door operators
• Internal double door extension bolts

Flush Double Glazed Cleanroom Windows

Plascore Pharma cleanroom window units for doors and studless walls consist of two panes of 1/4″ (6.4mm) tempered glass, bonded and sealed to an aluminum frame filled with desiccant to reduce moisture. Windows have the same thickness as the door/wall, providing a flush installation. Cleanroom window units are replaceable in nonprogressive systems, can be adjusted with leveling bolts and are sealed with a silicone caulk. Windows for utility and liner walls are typically single pane on an aluminum frame, installed flush with a silicone caulk seam.