Honeycomb Sandwich Panels

Need custom composite sandwich panels? Call a Plascore sales engineer today.

In addition to our line of Standard Panels, we offer custom manufacturing. Plascore offers design, test and prototyping assistance to build you a honeycomb panel.

Plascore custom panel structures deliver:

• High strength-to-weight benefits
• Built-in and added fasteners, latches, connectors and more
• Custom surface finishes
• Exceptional quality


Honeycomb Panels



Plascore offers many manufacturing capabilities that can provide a unique sandwich panel solution for your application.

• CNC Machining
• Cold and Hot Laminating
• Welding
• Finished Edges
• Adhesive Bonding and Assembly
• Powder Coating
• Forming
• Destructive and Nondestructive Testing

Please refer to the Panel Design Questionnaire and contact us with your requirements.

Panel Design Questionnaire:

Panel Design Questionnaire (645.0 KiB)

Plascore also offers standard Plascore Board in standard sizes.

plascore board panel custom design