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Plascore PP Honeycomb Infusion Grade Gains Market Preference in Light RTM

Cost-Effective, High Performance Core Yields Excellent Results in Closed Molding Applications

ZEELAND – Plascore, Inc, global manufacturer of honeycomb core products and solutions, has stepped up distribution of the companyís PP Honeycomb Infusion Grade to meet the growing demand in Lite RTM and Infusion molding.

Plascore PP Honeycomb Infusion Grade is a tough, lightweight and ductile polypropylene material that provides efficient and optimum mechanical performance in composite sandwich structures. It is a cost-effective alternative to traditional core materials such as plywood, Balsa and foam used in manufacturing of composite assemblies such as marine structures, wind turbine blades, transportation and industrial products.

Designed specifically for Lite RTM, closed bag or infusion processes, PP Honeycomb Infusion Grade features a composite surfacing bonded to a high impact copolymer isotropic honeycomb core. The sealed cell design assures resin flow stays at the bond line with minimal penetration into the honeycomb core. The result is a consistent, lightweight product with an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, core shear strength and compression properties.

Available in a wide range of sheet sizes and facings, PP Honeycomb Infusion Grade is readily available and can be manufactured to meet specific requirements for strength and stiffness. For additional information, contact Plascore at (800) 630-9257