Why do you like Plascore?

Working at Plascore is beyond the wage you make. Plascore has better benefits than any employment in my working career. Where can you get 6 weeks of vacation!
Shipping/Receiving Mat Handler
1st Shift    Joined in 2011
Plascore is very generous to their employees. When you are here you are family.
Special Prep & Saw
1st Shift    Joined in 2018
Plascore is an important job. It is not mindless, its thoughtful. We get a fair wage for our work. The company is more focused on quality over quanity.
Team Lead Fabricator
1st Shift    Joined in 2018
I like the atmosphere and the welcoming warm embrace that you feel as soon as you step into the building. The people do really make a difference as to where you work. It definitely makes a difference when there is great management as well. The fact that Plascore also offers tuition reimbursement is incredible.
Saw Operator PP Panel
3rd Shift    Joined in 2021
Plascore has great vacation and offers a sabatical.
Auto Sheeter
1st Shift    Joined in 1997
Plascore offers multiple benefits, holiday pay, vacation is 6 weeks, a sabbatical every 10 years, and job opportunties within the company. If one wants to advance or feels they need a job change, it is possible. Plascore also has employee appreciation by offering quarterly bonuses, a golf outing, a family picnic, a christmas party, a camp for kids, and classes to learn spanish or english.
Wire Saw Operator PP
1st Shift    Joined in 2012
I like Plascore because it is a good place to work, the benefits are good, and there are no lay offs.
Chemical Process Technician
3rd Shift    Joined in 2011
I like working at Plascore for many reasons. They offer a great vacation plan and medical benefits that are available on day one. Plascore also offers quarterly bonuses and opportunity for growth.
Production Scheduling Assistant
1st Shift    Joined in 2016
I like that Plascore has a fixed schedule. I know when I will be working and it allows me the freedom to plan events in the future. The work life balance is excellent here, which allows me to spend more time with my family.
3rd Shift    Joined in 2019
Plascore is a good company, I like my job.
2nd Shift    Joined in 2021

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