Honeycomb Fabrication and Support

Honeycomb Fabrication Services

  • Machining & Core Carving
    – 3 and 5 Axis CNC
    – Up to 5’x20′
  • Core Slotting
  • Core Splicing
  • Roll Forming
  • Heat Forming
  • Heat Sealed Bag Packaging (Clean Ready for Bonding)
  • Temperature and Humidity Controlled Process Environment

Quality Assurance – AS9100 Certified 
Plascore is AS9100 registered and has a range of testing capabilities. Our on-site validation lab is experienced in providing timely and accurate first article submissions to aerospace customers.

Mechanical testing confirms cell size, density, compression and shear values are within specification. Certification documents are included upon request for validation and tracking purposes.

Value Added 
Plascore has in-house honeycomb fabrication capabilities to deliver custom parts to print with the highest level of accountability and quality. With the addition of a 40,000 ft2 facility, we can offer 5-axis CNC machining, roll forming, heat forming, splicing, cut to size, high density cores, and more according to your specific honeycomb needs.