Cores for Your Process

Including Plascore PP Honeycomb for Open and Closed Molding

Plascore honeycomb products come in a variety of sizes, densities and forms that make it efficient for the user. Plascore honeycomb can also improve your manufacturing process by reducing handling and additional material costs.

Plascore PP Honeycomb is ideal for high volume boat manufacturing. It is easily handled and shaped to fit most open mold processes. The non-woven surfacing veil provides a bondable substrate that minimizes resin consumption. Plascore PP Honeycomb can also be provided with a non-porous film layer under the non-woven for standard vacuum bagging processes. Composite surfacing material is also available, making it compatible with closed molding processes like Lite RTM or Closed Cavity Bag Molding. Plascore PP Honeycomb can be provided scored for easy placement and cuts quickly and easily with a razor or knife.

High performance Aluminum, Nomex® and Kevlar® Honeycomb are ideal for processes utilizing prepregs and high temperature curing resin systems. The heat stability and superior mechanical properties of these honeycomb cores are a natural for the extreme demands of processes requiring high heat. These honeycomb cores can be overcollapsed for easy draping to contoured shapes.

Plascore composite panels and assemblies provide the user with efficient, ready-to-use sandwich panels. Ideal sub-panels for doors, shelves, bunks, hatches and covers, Plascore composite panels and assemblies come ready to be finished by the end user.

Open Molding
• Wet Lay Up
• Chopper Spray Gun

Vacuum Bag

Closed Molding (View Additional Information)
• Infusion
  – Lite RTM
  – Closed Cavity Bag Molding

• Epoxy
• Polyester
• Vinyl Ester
• Urethane
• Prepregs
– Glass
– Carbon