By the Numbers, PP Honeycomb Is an Easy Decision

Multihull Technologies Inc., Key West, Florida

Multihull Technologies, Key West, Florida takes pride in their work and utilizes only top quality materials. Specializing in the design and construction of custom one offs in power and sail, the company is known for using technology throughout design and construction. Multihull works closely with many of the world’s foremost composite engineers in the building of their custom line of Constellation Yachts. As a result of this commitment and expertise, Constellation Yachts are considered to be among the most advanced catamaran and trimaran vessels built today.

The choice of Plascore Polypropylene (PP) Honeycomb in combination with other foam cores brings each Constellation superior performance and value. After extensive compression and tensile testing of the Plascore PP Honeycomb, Multihull was convinced that this core material was an ideal candidate for use in their sandwich structures. Multihull owner, Walter Schurtenberger says, “We use Plascore for decks, roofs, interior furnishings, cabinets and bulkheads. We’ve been a user ever since the product introduction some 10 or 15 years ago, with excellent results. And we approached this in a scientific way; we didn’t just say ‘yeah, let’s try it.’ We lab tested samples against other cores for strength and rigidity, and the Plascore numbers came back better than their main competitor, plus the price is competitive. I mean, a product that’s better, stronger, more rigid and costs less? It’s really an easy decision.”

Plascore PP Honeycomb proves itself to be a versatile. Used for sound absorption around diesel engines, in addition to providing integral mechanical structure in the build of these hi-tech composite structures.

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